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Sanari Capital is a South African private equity investment company.
We specialise in founder-run, owner-managed and family-owned businesses with a “scale-up” agenda.
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Sanari Capital was founded in 2013. Our aim is to build businesses that are sustainable, scalable and saleable.
We manage investments in companies in the lower- and middle-market in South Africa and selectively in other African markets. Our team has the knowledge, commitment and passion to fuel the success of businesses with potential by providing high quality, rigorous and customised private equity solutions to complement entrepreneurial settings.
Sanari: (Tshivenda) 'Like a buffalo'. Endurance, strength, courage and community.
Sanari Capital provides a rare combination of entrepreneurial spirit and top-tier private equity investment expertise. The team brings diverse, inventive and experienced perspectives to investment decision-making and portfolio company management.
Samantha Pokroy
Founder & CEO
Samantha has more than 12 years experience in private equity and venture capital in SA and US markets, and 17 years in financial services. Prior to founding Sanari Capital in 2013, she played a leading role in investments at Ethos Private Equity, which she joined in 2006. Previously, Samantha spent two years at a Chicago-based private equity firm (KRK, now Winona Capital), and worked in investment banking (JPMorgan) and consulting (Stern Stewart) in New York.

Samantha has an MBA with Honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, a B.Com and BA Honors in Industrial Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand and is a CFA Charter Holder. She serves on several industry bodies to promote entrepreneurship and is a member of the board of SAVCA.
Moushmi Patel
Investment Principal
Moushmi has 10 years financial services experience in local and international markets. Prior to joining Sanari Capital, Moushmi worked in leveraged finance and investment banking at Rand Merchant Bank.

Moushmi is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA), has a B.Acc from the University of the Witwatersrand and recently completed her MBA studies at GIBS and Rotterdam University.
Mametja Moshe
Strategic Partner and Investment Committee Member
Mametja is the founder and CEO of investment and advisory firm, Moshe Capital, with more than 10 years’ corporate finance and principal investing experience. She was instrumental in key transactions for investment firm, Identity Capital Partners. Previously she held M&A and corporate finance investment banking roles at both Morgan Stanley and UBS.

Mametja has an MBA from the Global Executive Program at Columbia Business School and London Business School, is a qualified chartered accountant and has a B.Com Honours (Accounting) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
Sanari Capital’s reach, capability and experience is further enhanced by its advisory circle, which includes private equity industry veterans, company CEOs, strategy consultants and leading industry professors from top business schools.
Our focus is on high-growth, emerging market opportunities in South Africa and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. We seek exposure to wider African growth prospects through regional expansion strategies within our portfolio companies, as well as direct investments selectively into other countries. Our investment focus is framed by three investment "themes" within which we spotlight specific sectors:
Consumer-Driven Growth
Favourable macroeconomic factors, an emerging middle class, urbanisation, population growth and social welfare support is driving consumption.
Infrastructure-Led Growth
Public and private sector infrastructure investment is growing to meet growth prospects and service delivery.
Demand for Social Services
The emerging middle class will continue to require better services for their families. The demand for social and public services far exceeds supply.
These thematic growth drivers inform our preferred sectors for investment:
We focus on Sustainability, Scalability and Saleability (“3S”).
Our experience lies in working alongside owners and management to ensure their businesses consolidate, grow and flourish. We have flexible capital solutions to meet different needs. We specialise in partnering companies that will benefit from a private equity type investment that facilitates:
  • Company sustainability beyond founder or CEO / incentives for next level management
  • Succession / generational transfer / wealth diversification
  • Black economic empowerment / ownership
  • Best practice and corporatisation / strategy evolution / mergers and acquisitions
  • Expansion in sub-Saharan Africa or internationally
  • Enhanced quality of earnings, operational efficiency and synergies that will bring better future valuations
Sanari Capital is well positioned to contribute value and experience in these complex initiatives.
The Sanari 3S Solution and
Investment Strategy
We start with the end in mind, considering the various preferences and psychology of the founders, owners and management, but all the time developing a plan that builds realisable value in the company and creates optionality for the various stakeholders.

We like to work with companies at critical junctures and growth stages where our past experience can help in navigating new territories. Before we embark on the journey we work with the company to secure and strengthen its foundation. In doing so, we ensure that we are able to scale on a sustainable basis whilst still maintaining the entrepreneurial drive and spirit of the organisation.
Our 3S Solution "Toolbox" comes standard with solutions for:
Our investment strategy includes:
  • Value add expectations and requirements set upfront
  • Majority control or strong negative controls; co-investment with like-minded investors; strong exit rights and ability to align and influence company direction
  • Capitalisation of businesses in a prudent manner to meet their operating needs and maximise returns
  • Alignment of incentives; equity and equity-like participation; ‘skin-in-the-game’
  • Fair pricing; multiple uplift in scaling or rolling up smaller companies or add-on acquisitions
  • Expanded reach, capability and experience through its advisory circle and investment committee for additional insight, critical thinking and perspective.
Crafting Solutions
We work with established companies in our investment focus areas that have a convincing growth thesis, clear focus and a compelling competitive advantage. In particular, we partner with owner-managed businesses that are approaching a new critical juncture and preparing to scale up.
Investment Criteria:
Investment Size
Enterprise Value
Investment Type
Small-size companies
Sanari Growth Partners 12J Fund:R10m - R40m,Sweet SpotR20m - R30m
Sanari Growth Partners 12J Fund:R15m - R100m
High growth emerging market opportunities in South Africa and other sub-Saharan Africa countries
Medium-size companies
Sanari Capital:R40m - R200m,Sweet SpotR75m - R125m
Sanari Capital:R50m - R500m
Exposure to wider African and global growth prospects through expansion
Growth equity
Platform / Roll-up
We seek out management with a strong track record of success, that value honesty and integrity and that demonstrate resilience, resourcefulness and drive. We partner with owners and management who are aligned with, and enthusiastic about, the principles of Sanari’s 3S Solution approach and investment strategy. We’re also looking for a shared commitment to profit with purpose.
Our detailed investment criteria can be downloaded in PDF.
Sanari Capital offers attractive investment prospects and exposure to a niche market.
By partnering with us you:
  • Gain access to attractive private equity investments and strong deal flow focused on entrepreneurial businesses in the large and under-served SME and mid-cap markets in South Africa and incrementally into the rest of Africa.
  • Benefit from solid investment management by a team of professionals with proven private equity investment expertise and experience in owner-managed businesses across various sizes and stages of development.
  • Can rely on our rigorous and structured investment and value add processes, and firm focus on governance.
  • Make a difference by contributing to sustainable employment, economic growth and black economic empowerment. Growing SMEs is about "more than just money" – it’s about improving the probability of success, sustainability and scale, whilst reducing risks.
Our Investment Platforms:
The Sanari Capital investment programme is deployed through several platforms:
Our work is driven by sustainable value creation, not just for companies and investors but for the communities and environments touched by the businesses we work with. We are driven by a desire to offer value to society not as a separate initiative but in all that we do and in every investment decision we make.

We are committed to supporting a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem through group mentorship sessions and our involvement with landscape-changing public service organisations.

21 Impala Road, Block B, Chislehurston, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
Ask about our Entrepreneurial Group Mentorship (EGM) sessions, Student Internships at Sanari Capital and in our portfolio companies and Entrepreneurship-by-Acquisition (EBA) Programmes.
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